Nai Anar kaluva tielyanna!
Russians are a very ancient and enigmatiс civilization which gathered cultural heritage of many nations and nationalities. Russian mythology contains references to many powerful and sometimes even dreadful gods and goddnesses. Not long ago GEO published an article about one of the mighty and mysterious spirits in Russian mythology. Here are some facts about this mystical creature:

It is a mighty godlike animal spirit in Russian mythology (like kitsune in Japan), that possesses great destructive powers which can destroy the whole World.

It usually escorts the folklore hero Huase, meetings with whom were so rare that his name became a common noun, which expresses great surprise.

Seldom its name can be used to politely greet a foe. Can be used to mean "Blessing on you" before the battle.

Legengs tell that the Slavs know magic words which can resist the power of this spirit. That spell sounds like "Kusim".

Statistics say that only 15 percent of people in the world can name this spirit. Can you?